The Night Blooming Jasmine

The energy of the night blooming Jasmine, Jasminum sambac, brings balance between the feminine and the masculine. It inspires our Yin nature to nourish the Yang and the Yang to protect the Yin.  This dual energy can create opportunities. So much is happening in our world today and more and more opportunities and possibilities are being presented to us. Let the fragrance of Jasmine bring these energies into your awareness. Notice how you feel when you inhale Jasmine. Where in your body do you notice a change? Do you feel creative?  Do you feel the need to move forward? The intoxicating aroma of Jasmine inspires love and peace, spirituality and sex, sleep and dreams.  Let it awaken you to a new beginning.

Advanced Essential Oil Chemistry

What are your feelings about Chemistry? Do you feel apprehensive? Maybe a little scared? I want you to know that’s ok. In fact I struggled with learning chemistry when I first started studying aromatherapy. There is always a little fear or a feeling of “can I do this?” when we tackle learning a new subject. I encourage everyone to not let fear stand in your way, no matter what you are learning.

My class Advanced Essential Oil Chemistry, coming up October 27-28 2018, brings up this fear in a lot of students. I want to assure you, there is nothing to be afraid of with this class.  I’ve had past students tell me they didn’t understand chemistry until taking my class or they now finally feel like they understand why chemistry is important and how to use it. This 2 day class does go more in depth with the concepts of essential oil chemistry but the real gift you get from the weekend is how to create effect therapeutic blends from the chemical perspective.

When you start blending for a specific issue, let’s say you want an antispasmodic oil blend, do you ever wonder which “antispasmodic” essential oil should I use, I have 10 possible oils? This class will help you answer that question. We will look at the chemical profiles of the oils so you can make the best possible blend with the best possible oils. I’ll also show you LabAroma software that provides the chemical breakdown of the blend you decide on creating.

What about when you find a recipe you want to try but you don’t have a specific oil? How do you find a suitable substitution? We will discuss this in class and I will also provide resources that will help you find the answers on your own when you get back home. And speaking of resources, I’ve had students tell me they were told to buy the book Essential Oil Safety Second edition but after purchasing they had no idea how to use the book. I will show you how you can use this book to enhance your blending skills and if you don’t have the book, I’ll show you some online resources that can help.

If this class speaks to you, if you feel drawn to attend, please don’t let the fear of chemistry or the fear of learning something new stand in your way? And don’t let the word “advanced” stop you either. This weekend is open to anyone that has had a foundation class in chemistry, even if you feel you don’t understand it yet. We will review as we go and I will help you the entire way.

Lots of Love and I hope to see you in class.


What is an Energy Intuitive?

I recently updated by bio on the website and decided to finally announce to the world that I am an energy intuitive. It was a big step for me and one I did very subtly, I just added those two words in the mix of all the other things I do. Being an energy intuitive was an aspect of my life and work that very few people knew about and something I don’t talk about very much. I want to give you a little background first then I’ll explain what those two words mean.

I believe I’ve always been able to feel and read energy. I can remember as a young child not always understanding the words that were being said yet I was able to see and feel the energy of the situation, something that can still happen to this day. It took many years and a lot of training to allow that energy and knowing to flow through me uninhibited in a way that was comfortable and available. As an adult I began my journey with energy by studying stone healing and then Polarity Therapy. Later I found myself enrolled in massage school, became a licensed massage therapist and began teaching Polarity and Acupressure at the massage school in South Carolina where I studied. Massage school was also where I discovered Aromatherapy and a few years later began work in that field. Over the years since I have studied several other forms of energy healing and energy medicine that enriched my understanding.

Things were going great until 2014. I suddenly started having some health issues that the medical community was unable to identify. When Western medicine couldn’t help, I looked within. What changed in 2014 that allowed this illness to occur? I had to go back a couple more years to the fall of 2011. I had been working in retail management for a company I loved that went bankrupt. I became depressed and eventually took another retail job where I was not happy. I also walked away from energy work and massage/bodywork at that time and I still don’t know why I did. So fast forward to the fall of 2015, my desire to teach was returning and I realized I needed to add energy work back into my daily life. The lack of energy work in my life was part of the illness. I took an amazing teacher training program with Liz Fulcher and opened my school Asheville Aromatics. My life really started shifting at that point. I was then able to see the illness for what it was and how it led me to today. My school has now become Asheville Aromatics and Energetics. Energy is back as a focus in my life and I want to share it with you.

So, finally, what is an Energy Intuitive? I feel that everyone that identifies as an energy intuitive, lightworker, sensitive, etc, will have a different answer. For me, I can see and read the energy patterns in life. Sometimes that’s the energy of the world, the collective consciousness, or weather patterns, or within an individual. The way I do “readings” is within the container of massage and bodywork with Aromatherapy as a catalyst to help the energy flow. When I have a client on the massage table I see the energy, I know where to go and what to do. I may see images or colors, tastes, smells. All these things flow through me as I work. I’m now creating a series of classes to teach you how to work with energy through aromatherapy and bodywork, a technique I call Aromagetics.

So that’s me, Trey the energy intuitive. I think maybe that should be first in the list because that’s the reality, I follow the energy. Everything else, massage therapist, aromatherapist, educator, it’s all just containers for me to be an energy intuitive.

Lots of Love,


September Newsletter

It’s been a few months since I sent out a monthly newsletter as spring and summer were challenging. Life happens unexpectedly sometimes and I’ve been learning to follow the energy wherever that may take me.  If you’ve visited the website lately,, you may have noticed a change in the name that reflects the energetic aspects of my work. Asheville Aromatics & Energetics will be a mixture of traditional aromatherapy education plus the addition of Aromagetics, my vision for a new holistic modality that includes both aromatics and bodywork. You can check out the Aromagetics page by clicking here. I hope to have the first Aromagetics classes available online by the beginning of 2019. The first classes that will be available are Introduction to Energy Healing, How to Access and Understand Plant Energy, Aromatics and the Chakras, and The Healing Properties of Stones and Crystals. I’ll send out an email when the classes launch.

Monthly Videos Starting October 1

I will be adding a monthly video to the website starting October 1, 2018. Each video will be a short introduction to Aromagetics focusing on a different topic each month. Videos will be available here the first week of each month and over on my new YouTube channel (more on that next month).

Upcoming Live Classes

October 13-14 in Winston Salem, NC:  Applied Aromatherapy: Dilution, Duration and Methods of Application

October 27-28 in Greensboro, NC:  Advanced Essential Oil Chemistry at Botanically Rooted

Lots of Love and I hope to see you in class soon,