Advanced Essential Oil Chemistry

What are your feelings about Chemistry? Do you feel apprehensive? Maybe a little scared? I want you to know that’s ok. In fact I struggled with learning chemistry when I first started studying aromatherapy. There is always a little fear or a feeling of “can I do this?” when we tackle learning a new subject. I encourage everyone to not let fear stand in your way, no matter what you are learning.

My class Advanced Essential Oil Chemistry, coming up October 27-28 2018, brings up this fear in a lot of students. I want to assure you, there is nothing to be afraid of with this class.  I’ve had past students tell me they didn’t understand chemistry until taking my class or they now finally feel like they understand why chemistry is important and how to use it. This 2 day class does go more in depth with the concepts of essential oil chemistry but the real gift you get from the weekend is how to create effect therapeutic blends from the chemical perspective.

When you start blending for a specific issue, let’s say you want an antispasmodic oil blend, do you ever wonder which “antispasmodic” essential oil should I use, I have 10 possible oils? This class will help you answer that question. We will look at the chemical profiles of the oils so you can make the best possible blend with the best possible oils. I’ll also show you LabAroma software that provides the chemical breakdown of the blend you decide on creating.

What about when you find a recipe you want to try but you don’t have a specific oil? How do you find a suitable substitution? We will discuss this in class and I will also provide resources that will help you find the answers on your own when you get back home. And speaking of resources, I’ve had students tell me they were told to buy the book Essential Oil Safety Second edition but after purchasing they had no idea how to use the book. I will show you how you can use this book to enhance your blending skills and if you don’t have the book, I’ll show you some online resources that can help.

If this class speaks to you, if you feel drawn to attend, please don’t let the fear of chemistry or the fear of learning something new stand in your way? And don’t let the word “advanced” stop you either. This weekend is open to anyone that has had a foundation class in chemistry, even if you feel you don’t understand it yet. We will review as we go and I will help you the entire way.

Lots of Love and I hope to see you in class.