September Newsletter

It’s been a few months since I sent out a monthly newsletter as spring and summer were challenging. Life happens unexpectedly sometimes and I’ve been learning to follow the energy wherever that may take me.  If you’ve visited the website lately,, you may have noticed a change in the name that reflects the energetic aspects of my work. Asheville Aromatics & Energetics will be a mixture of traditional aromatherapy education plus the addition of Aromagetics, my vision for a new holistic modality that includes both aromatics and bodywork. You can check out the Aromagetics page by clicking here. I hope to have the first Aromagetics classes available online by the beginning of 2019. The first classes that will be available are Introduction to Energy Healing, How to Access and Understand Plant Energy, Aromatics and the Chakras, and The Healing Properties of Stones and Crystals. I’ll send out an email when the classes launch.

Monthly Videos Starting October 1

I will be adding a monthly video to the website starting October 1, 2018. Each video will be a short introduction to Aromagetics focusing on a different topic each month. Videos will be available here the first week of each month and over on my new YouTube channel (more on that next month).

Upcoming Live Classes

October 13-14 in Winston Salem, NC:  Applied Aromatherapy: Dilution, Duration and Methods of Application

October 27-28 in Greensboro, NC:  Advanced Essential Oil Chemistry at Botanically Rooted

Lots of Love and I hope to see you in class soon,